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Fandom: Dark Angel
Author kasman
Title: Just Say the Word
Beta: Many thanks Alaidh for the beta.
Pairing: M/L
Summary: This piece of silliness came out of watching the Michael Weatherly "Jesse" episodes a while back. For want of anything better, I used it as part of my "entry fee" fic for the Vancouver gathering in July. It was a sort of weird challenge to myself to write a story using the words of Jesse's father (gasp – it's self-inflicted!). Roy was such a cad! Anyway, I just had to make use of the quote. Enjoy!

Just say the word

"Just say the word…"

"Just say the word…"

"Just say the word…"

The phrase swirled through Logan's head, tossing and turning on the pillow. "Just say the word and I'll slap the pretty right off his face…"

They had been watching the ancient sitcom earlier that night, seated together on the sofa, eating popcorn from a large bowl on the table. Max had been at ease, for once, her guard down, until the phone rang.

"Just say the word…"

It swirled in his head. Why did it have to be him?

"Just say the word…"


Original Cindy was still up when Max walked in the door some time after midnight, her face looking like thunder, her clothing wet through and covered in splats of mud.

"What happened to you, boo?" she asked. "Logan throw you in a mud hole?"

"What happened! What happened! Alec! That's what happened." Max spat the words out.

"Oh-oh. Don't tell me you had to save pretty boy's ass again."


"Just say the word, boo. I'll slap the pretty right off his face."


Asha was sipping her drink at Crash, thoughtfully gazing into space. Alec bought a drink and came and joined her at her table.

"Hey, Asha, whassup?"

"Oh, hello, Alec. Hey, what happened to you?"

Asha looked at the red handprint across Alec's cheek.

Alec squirmed in his seat. "Well…ya see…it's like this…"


"And then he said the word," continued Max. "So I slapped the pretty right off his face."


Max quietly slipped into bed with Logan, having showered and changed at her apartment before coming back. He stirred and mumbled in his sleep. She put her ear close to his mouth, trying to make out what he was saying.

"Just say the word…"

"Just say the word…"

"Just say the word..." Logan's eyes flicked open and his gaze lit upon Max's face, right in front of his.

"He did say the word…and I slapped the pretty right off his face!"


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