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Master Fic and sundries Post below

Fic Links:

Weird Scary External Fixators...Drivized
Now podficced by [personal profile] riverbella: here

J2 tag to The Winchester Identity by [personal profile] zubeneschamali: Timestamp: Home

Battlements fics

J2 tag to Battlements 'verse by [personal profile] calamitycrow: Then let me build a bridge
J2 tag to Battlements 'verse by [personal profile] calamitycrow: Of intervening time and place
J2 tag to Battlements 'verse by [personal profile] calamitycrow: And be yourself my ally in love's battle
And be yourself my ally in a handy dandy downloadable pdf
J2 tag to Battlements 'verse by [personal profile] calamitycrow: Warm heart and cold nose
Yet another J2 tag to Battlements 'verse by [personal profile] calamitycrow: The Swing

Dark Angel fics

Blessings - multi-chapter, incomplete:

Chapters 1-5
Chapters 6-10
Chapters 11-15
Chapters 16-20
Chapters 21-25
Chapters 26-30
Chapters 31-35
Chapters 36-39

Headlong - complete
Headlong 1-5
Headlong 6-10
Chapters 11-14

Short fics
Batter up
It’s My Party and I’ll Fly if I Want to
Vision Splendid
Family Affair
Just Say the Word

NCIS fics

The Loganizing of Tony - complete
Chapters 1-2
Chapters 3-4
Chapter 5

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow - incomplete
Chapters 1-3
Chapters 4-6
Chapters 7-9
Chapters 10-12
Chapters 13-14

My Vid Page

Supernatural locations

Season 1 and general locations
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4 and random lost sheep (known locations without episode names/numbers)

Additional extra: A friend of mine has made a bunch of location diptychs, for Supernatural and a few other shows, which can be found here.

Anything else of mine can either be found at FFN or (for the time being) on my website (Kasman's Place). Please note that this website will be closing down when the next renewal date comes up.

Many thanks to [personal profile] calamitycrow for the all new properly coded masterpost.

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